Marinduque – the mystics place of underground beauty and adventure

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Caving at the mystic subterranean river of Bagumbungan Cave at the heartland of the Philippines volcanic karts island – Marinduque Province . Formed during the late Miocene period at the period of active volcanic activity, the province geology is characterized by its sedimentary limestone and basalt rock formations creating a unique landscape for what is now an ecotourism destination south of Metro Manila.

The author together with members of the Sarangani Bay Area Outdoor Club on their cave exploration of Bagumbungan Cave

White sandy beaches, coral reefs and volcanic mountains peaks are just the few of the offerings it showcased to adventurers and nature lovers. But what is more thrilling and extreme is hidden beyond its towering beauty, the subterranean gems of its underground richness. Formed million of years, the calcite based formation of flowing flow stones,stunning stalactites and other eccentric looking figures would surely delight visitors of their mystic creation. The adventure alone of crisscrossing across rivers beyond the rays of light is a adventure worthy of a lifetime experience. Come and experience it. Visit Marinduque, the province adored with life.

Traversing the subterranean pool chamber of Bagumbungan Cave in the province of Marinduque

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